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Working in Zante Packing Essentials

Updated: Feb 16

With the summer season imminently approaching our lives it's time to begin preparing for another insanely eventful and unforgettable season. With a number of high profile events new to the Zante scene, fresh venues and a number of different activities & excursions to partake in it'll be vital to have the right equipment to enhance your overall experience. With top tips from our well peppered (seasoned) RR Reps we've broken down what we believe should be your TOP 10 essential items to make it into your suitcase for your season working abroad!

1. Positive Attitude:

You've made it out of your hometown and into what many regard to as the best party island in the world and for this reason our team have decided that first on your list of essentials to being with you is a positive mindset & a smile. This summer is going to be the best summer you've had and it's your chance to make loads of new friends.

2. Miscellaneous Items:

-Power adapter (European) and extension cable, these are ESSENTIAL for charging multiple items whilst in the accommodation.

-Travel Mirror, You can get these cheap on Amazon and Primark, bring one of these to ensure you can do your make up and hair before you head out on the strip.

-Shower and Beach Towel, you will get given a towel on arrival, however, bringing a beach towel and a colourful shower towel allows you to easily know which towel is yours and gives you a spare at all times.

-Bumbag, handbag ect, Bring a small bag you can carry your key items around in the day / night time.

-Sunglasses, Bring a few pairs of cheap sunglasses, as you'd be surprised how easily they go missing or lost at parties!

- Travel Wash, there is a quick wash in resort and you will also be given Angelina's contact details, however, bringing a travel wash can be helpful in washing bikinis ect between washes.

3. Just in Case:

- Spare Phone you can never predict what will happen in resort so bring a spare phone and a spare bank card so if anything does happen you can still enjoy your time abroad!

4. Priority Items:

-Medical Insurance, This is KEY, get your medical insurance prior to leaving for Zante, make sure this is valid for your entire trip (if you are doing more than 30 days make sure you choose a medical insurance which covers you for this!), again you cannot predict what will happen abroad so make sure you are covered.

-Medication, make sure you bring enough of your prescription medication (if you have any) for your stay in resort, along with Paracetamol, Imodium, Ibuprofen, Vitamin C dissolving tablets.

-Suncream and Aftersun - These will be more expensive abroad, so buy it before you fly over!

5. Clothing and Shoes:

-Pack plenty of swimwear as this is all you will be wearing every day whilst in resort, Ensure you also bring ones for events such as the boat and pool parties. -Night out wear, clothes for your nights out on the strip.

-Sliders, crocs, flipflops, sandals, bring some comfy every day shoes you don't mind wearing to the beach, pool and around the resort.

-Trainers, wedge sandals/heels, and bring some nicer, comfy shoes for the night outs, not many individuals wear heels on the strip at night, however, it is completely your choice!

6. Toiletries:

-There are shops in resort to get basic toiletries such as shower gel, tooth paste ect however, anything branded bring with you such as shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, dry shampoo, hair bobbles/ties etc.

7. Cash:

- Bring some euros over with you, you'll need 50 euro for the damage deposit, 30 euro for the Rep Fee and 5 euro per week for the eco tax, if you are wanting to purchase the discounted party event week or aircon this will also need to be paid in cash upon arrival.

8. Travel Bank Cards:

-Before heading out be sure to get a travel bank card, as it can be used as your main card in resort (keep your usual bank card as a spare!), ones we have used in the past are Post Office and Travelex links, Banks like Monzo and Revolut are also good for use abroad to reduce charges! By taking pre-paid currency cards there is also a lesser chance of misplacing cash in incidents where this is lost or stolen.

You can check out some of the highest recommend travel currency cards via the links here:

9. Health and Wellbeing:

-Additional healthcare products such as condoms, pads, tampons and plasters are key to bring out with you should you need these or any incidents occur throughout your season. It's always better to have these to hand rather than desperately be running around last minute to grab these essentials. These sorts of items are also significantly cheaper to purchase pre-travel and bring out with you than to secure whilst out in the resort meaning all in all these could potentially be 'life-savers' should you be prepared!

10. Documentation:

-Bring all relevant documentations such as your Passport and Driving Licence as you will need this to rent quad bikes/ motorbikes whilst out in Zante this summer. There's nothing quite like one of our revolutionary quad bike adventure days where our RR Reps shall be taking the crew to many of the islands various mesmerising locations throughout the summer season as part of an adventurous crew. Check out some of our recent summer quad bike adventure days over on our YouTube channel here:

With all these essentials packed for Summer we've no doubts you'll be fully equipped to manage and take on this season. All that's left to do once you're out there is to enjoy yourself as much as possible and secure your dream summer job, our RR Rep Team consists of 10 Representatives who shall be on hand 24/7 to ensure you are having the best possible experience you can!

Got a question? Get in touch with our online support reps either over Messenger or through WhatsApp (+447545 938496).

Bring on the summer!

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