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RR Leanne's Zante Essentials

Heading out on your first season working abroad this summer? Unsure what exactly you should bring with you to be fully prepared?

Fear Not. We've got you covered!

Check out what our Experienced RRep, Leanne, has learned over the years to be sure to be fully prepped for what lays ahead throughout this summer in Zante!

Please Note, Lads: This isn't one for you. Ladies you may continue!..

Who's Leanne?

Hey guys, Leanne here! I'll be working as a Resort Representative for Rep Route this summer 2022 season in Zante and can't wait - I've been working in Zante for 3+ seasons in a number of different venues ranging from mega clubs to pristine bars and i'm buzzing to get out there again for what is looking like an amazing summer with Rep Route!

Over the years i've picked up a thing or two and to help you out i've used my personal experiences to put together a list of summer essentials for working out on the party island this summer - hope it helps!

So lets get started!...


-Contraception/ the pill / any medication you take anxiety etc. -Beach towel x1 -Shower towel x1 -Mini toiletries (can buy in bulk cheap over there save the space in your case) -Purple shampoo for the blondies/hair mask cos your hair will feel so dry. -Face cloth/flannel -Sponge/scrubby thing - Toothbrush/paste -Razers lots of -Moisturiser -Tampons cos the ones out there are so weird -Any specific skin care for your skin / makeup products as they're not too easy to get out there if it’s a set brand. -Wipes. -Eyelashes lots of! If you wear them -Jewellery incase any go missing IE nipple bar tongue bar etc. -Hair straighter/curlers/hair dryer products -Hair spray etc -Lots of bobbles and accessories etc that you wear

Any medication you take now or rely on is important to take with you as you might not be able to get it there, they have pharmacies etc for painkillers and all the basics. Contact your Gp and explain how long your gone for to get a prescription. -


Bumbag/fanny pack -Clutch / mini purse -Little beach bag -Belts -Sunglasses -Hat/cap -Reading glasses if you need em. -Sliders/flip flops -Trainers -Heels/wedges -Sandals Take a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting dusty for days out etc. One or Two pair of nice shoes for nights out. Wedges/sandals for the boat parties etc .

-A MILLION BIKINIS/costumes -A boat party outfit and glitter etc for dressing up glitter is easy to buy there also. -A white outfit for white party - Bikini throwovers for the day cos you will live in bikinis throughout the day time. -Comfy shorts -Going out shorts -Dresses/2 pieces -Comfy baggy t-shirts -Nice tops -Pjs -A million pairs of underwear -Bras / sports bras -A THOUSAND socks cos the laundry eats them for a living -Comfy jumpy/hoodie -Gym outfits if you’re a gym boss - Jacket/blazer for breezy nights. Depending on how long you're going for is how many outfits you'll need for nights out. You won't really wear clothing in the day besides bikinis other than when going for meals. And there are ladies out there that do your laundry etc if you need it done.


-Small blanket or pillow for comfort -Teddy bear or whatever you need to sleep -Phone chargers -Laptop/laptop charger if you have work to do. -Adapters for sockets -Extension lead adapter is amazing and useful. -Batteries for your vibrator lol Any home comforts that will make you feel less home sick etc or make the room feel more homely.

Top Tip: SECURE Your Workers Room for the FULL SUMMER this season

S22 is the first proper season since covid came and ruined all of our lives and it's looking like all of the rooms that have been free last couple years have all been booked.

To avoid the disappointment of having to leave Zante earlier than planned I personally urge you to get in touch with Jordan ASAP to lock in and secure your room to be sure you have the best summer ever!

You can check out Rep Route's available Z22 Workers accommodation here:

Any questions at all feel free to get in touch with me directly on Facebook!

Peace Out x

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