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5 Locations you cannot miss this Summer 2023 in Zante!

Greece really is a special place - not only does it have some incredibly historic cities but the stunning islands are so beautiful that they simply cannot be missed - this is especially true when it comes to our Ionian island of Zakynthos.

Zante 2023 is warming up nicely, with this season predicted to being one of the busiest EVER recorded in the tourism history of this sensational island. Whilst many connotations attached to 'Zante' will, and rightly so, include a mass of excitement towards the party scenes, wild club nights and ludicrously crazy events throughout it is well worth noting and being prepared to take advantage of the other sights of the island in the form of some of the most spectacularly beautiful and scenic sights Europe has to offer.

We are of course referring to those picturesque Instagram popping locations that you'll regularly see as laptop screensavers to which capture the beauty Greece in general has to offer. We've taken note of some of the top locations you simply have to visit whilst working on the island this summer 2023.

Take a look below at our Top 5 places to visit in Zante this Summer 2023 on your Greek Exploration Adventure!

Explore Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Cove)

That's right, it almost looks unreal! Navagio Beach is one spot in Zakynthos that’s known all across the Mediterranean. It’s incredibly beautiful, dramatic and downright blissful.

Now, to get here, you’ll need to either join an incredible boat tour around Zakynthos (or hire your own). That being said, you can book this gorgeous, small group boat tour around the coast and the skippers are so well-informed to take you to the best spots.

Prices vary significantly and can be anything from around €20 euro for a small group boat and a tour, to around €750 for a boat with a skipper to drive you around for the whole day.

Most tours suggest heading to Navagio Beach in the morning, but if you really want to see much fewer crowds then head here an hour or two before sunset.

It’s significantly quieter but you might not get the same beautiful blues that you see when the sun is high in the sky. It’s all a matter of preference and what’s important to you most.

Cameo Island

This beautiful island is just off the shore of Laganas is easily accessible by a rope bridge, there is a small fee to enter but its 100% worth it for the view and photo opportunities, you'll also get a free keyring with your picture on whilst on the Island!

Once you're on the Island there is a beach bar where you can drink from 9am and don't forget to swim in the crystal-clear waters!

You'll often see a lot of wedding parties having pictures on the bridge due to its picturesque views!

Marathonisi Island (Turtle Island)

Turtle Island is a must whilst you are exploring the island! This is a long stretch of beach with lots of protected turtle nests, you'll be able to identify these by the wooden posts next to them!

Although it requires an early start if you wish to see the turtles hatch and make their way to the see you have to be at the beach before the sun rises!

It's absolutely amazing to witness and the turtles are super tiny and cute, so worth the early morning!

Keri Caves & Cliffs

This location offers spectacular views at 300m high cliffs facing the Ionian sea, the views are just insane! About 15 minutes west of Laganas Town by car and you’ll reach the village of Keri. While the village itself is quite charming in its own right, the reason you’ll want to come here is for the spectacular view off of the 300 meter high cliffs here and out to the Ionian Sea.

The best time to come is at sunset. Pick a tavern and watch the sun dip into the water over a nice cocktail and some traditional Greek food.

Keri Caves are also filled with incredible and totally impressive caves that span the western coastline. Whilst on a boat tour, you’ll get to head between the arches, explore the little bays and take a snorkel in the crystal-clear waters.

Another great viewpoint from the west coast of the island is from Viewpoint, where you can see the most dramatic views over the cliffs and across the Ionian Sea.

To get here, you will need to park up near Keri Lighthouse (the view below) and join the dirt road (via foot or quad bike) to the cliff edge. The views are gorgeous.

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town is the largest town to visit on the island.

Filled with local shops, beautiful churches and a heap of bars and restaurants, it’s the kind of place that’s well worth visiting for an afternoon and early evening bite to eat.

We recommend checking out Maddisons restaurant for some gourmet top quality dining or Espresso House if you're looking to grab a quick refreshment whilst overlooking the yachts across the Zante Bay.

Afterwards, be sure to visit the Bochali Venetian Castle that’s just outside the harbourfront area of Zakynthos Town itself.

The castle sits on a tall hill overlooking the ocean and is a pretty gorgeous place to learn more about the historic Venetians that once ruled the island.

And that wraps up our Top 5 recommendations for places you MUST see this Summer 2023! For more Zante recommendations or tips & advice, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletters to keep fully up to date with the latest information drops such as Artists performing on the island, brand new events to the scene as well as any new hotels &/or jobs we have available for Z23!

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